Wall and Ceiling Sheets

Seddon's Fibrous Plaster is the interior lining system designed to provide the optimum decorative finish for ceilings and walls. Nothing matches its flawlessly smooth appearance and durability, yet, surprisingly, it costs little more than ordinary linings.

Sheets come in a variety of sizes to suit any project, or Seddon's can custom-make moulded sheets to individual specifications.

Seddon's Fibrous Plaster advantages.

  • The optimum surface finish - level 6
  • Exceptional strength, stiffness and durability
  • Custom made sheets can be moulded to any shape, including curves and angles
  • Stable over wide range of atmospheric conditions
  • High impact resistance
  • Proved 50 year guarantee on material quality
  • Superior fire resistance

Created from the finest gypsum plaster reinforced with chopped fibreglass rovings, it is the standard by which all other internal linings are judged. The combination of plaster and fibreglass produces sheets which are exceptionally rigid, resistant to bowing and sagging, and able to withstand harsh treatment.

Fibreglass roving reinforcement not only strengthens Fibrous Plaster sheets but also virtually eliminates peaking and surface cracks, giving a Level 6 finish with every application - recognised as the building industry's highest standard.

Levels of Finish

Level 6: Fibrous Plaster. Paint with oil based sealer and two top coats. The highest quality surface finish available.

Custom-made sheets

Seddon's can produce sheets which are custom-made to individual specifications - ideal for curved ceilings and walls or areas where a high level of decoration is required. Fibrous Plaster is uniquely suited to this application and can be moulded to almost any shape.

Sheets can be fitted to either steel or timber ceiling battens with jointing on or off battens as applicable. Battens should be set at a maximum of 600mm apart. All sheet joints should be rebated to accommodate taping and stopping for a flush finish.

Fibrous Plaster is the only internal lining that produces a Level 6 finish every time. Sheets come in a natural white finish. To achieve the optimum finish a good quality oil based pigmented sealer shall be applied as the first coat. The first coat must be roller applied. (Spray application is not recommended.) Any irregularity in the fibrous plaster work can be repaired and resealed. Lightly sand when dry, then apply two top coats as per manufacturers specifications.

Fire Resistance

Fibrous Plaster sheets are manufactured from non-combustible materials and carry the highest fire ratings in Australasia.

Ignitability Index: 0
Heat Evolved: 0
Spread of Flame Index: 0
Smoke Development Index: 0

Cost Comparisons

On a cost per m2 basis, Seddon's Fibrous Plaster sheets compare favourably with most specialist paper faced boards and in fact in many instances Fibrous Plaster is a more cost effective option if you factor in the superior finish achievable.



Timber or Steel Battens

Battens sketch for Fibrous Plaster ceiling sheets